Wrecking me Part One:

oh my I’m embarrassed at how long it has been since I’ve done a personal post… So let’s get personal..

God has been speaking to my  heart.  Straight to my heart and breaking it, crumbling it and molding it.

I’m ashamed to say most of my life I just wanted to fit in…  I wanted to be popular, I wanted to be pretty and have pretty things…  I wanted to marry a prince and have the perfect children with the perfect lil house…. But God is wrecking my life and changing it.  Part of this wrecking process is showing me I have been called to be different, to be set apart…

You see she is the one in the photo with out a tutu, with out point shoes, with out pale skin.  She is the youngest, she is shy, she does not want to have any attention on her.  These are the things that I see… because I so desperately just want her to fit in!

But God sees her as chosen, beloved, fearfully and wonderfully made. Knit together in my womb and put together for His glory.  She is happy to be here.  She is comfortable not having a tutu or point shoes because she knows she is dancing for her Maker.  But you see I spend so much time trying to dance for man, I forget about what God has called me to do.

My dear friends.  As Advent is upon us.   My hope is for you to know that you are deeply loved, chosen, set apart for His Kingdom.  That you are holy and beloved. That no matter the condition of your heart, He loves you,  He cares for you,  He wants to be close to you.  And as we relish in His love, I challenge you to love more, to be set apart, to not blend in, but to shine of His great love for us in all circumstances.

Hold me to this friends!  LOVE YOU & Let’s be DIFFERENT!  :)

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Janet Mitchell said: { Dec 3, 2012 - 09:12:24 }

Love this so much… can we be different together? XO

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